Kick-Off: PrimeTime 7on7 is Back!

By: Matt Reese
01/29/2016 11:32 AM -

This weekend, PrimeTime Sports kicks-off the 7on7 football season.

Across 16 weekends from now until the Tournament of Champions on June 25-26, 2016, PrimeTime will host 40 events in the DFW, Central Texas and Greater Houston areas.

Russell Creek Park in Plano, Texas will play host to Saturday’s tournament, which features 44 teams from the 5th grade to Junior Varsity age groups. It also marks the first tournament in which Gamebreaker Helmets are required by all participating members.

"Safety has always been our top priority," said PrimeTime COO Brandon Hollmann. "We're excited to see all of our athletes this weekend wearing the Gamebreaker soft-shell helmets. It's a step in the right direction toward making 7on7, and all of youth sports, more safe." 

The decision to mandate soft-shell helmets is being emulated across the country. Nike The Opening, FHS 7v7 Association and Texas Elite 7on7 are three of many that will require the use of Gamebreaker headgear at their events. 

With injuries — specifically to the head area — on the rise, don't be surprised to see more and more youth sports follow suit. On Wednesday, two premier soccer clubs in Dallas played a friendly match in which all players wore the Gamebreaker head gear.

"I really had no idea about the technology in the helmets," said Frisco Storm head coach Jeff Cain. "Seeing how the helmet reacts to different types of impacts — soft and hard — was intriguing. It seems like it would be a great idea to decrease injuries and help the girls feel more secure while playing."


The intent of the Gamebreaker helmet is to protect the entire head from trauma while ensuring that the head can not be used as a weapon. The patented D3O technology allows the molecules in the helmet to be free-flowing but upon impact they lock together to absorb a greater amount of energy and reduce the force transmitted between the blow and the head.  

On Saturday, Gamebreaker founder Mike Juels and others will be at the first PrimeTime 7on7 event of the season to take in the action. 

"If you go to a 7on7 evnet in California there are more teams wearing our softshell than aren’t," Juels said. "Being able to move into Texas will further show others that this is the next step in the evolution of the game without changing how it is played." 

You can check the schedule for Saturday's tournament, here.

PrimeTime's next 7on7 event will be held on March 5, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. To sign up for any of our 40 events, visit our Football Registration Page

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