Family Bonds DGibs Hoops

By: Canaan Cadwell
06/01/2015 1:53 PM -

Byron Gibson is quick to credit family as the common bond that holds his DGibs Hoops grassroots basketball program together.

He and his son Daniel – more famously known as the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard, “Booby” – founded the team and the group continues to teach basketball the correct way. Together they recently celebrated a decade of operation.

Gibson played with the Houston Hoops program growing up and helped Jones High in Houston win a Class 4A state championship his senior year.


Family is the bond that holds DGibs hoops together.

“It all started off with Daniel playing with the Houston Hoops,” the elder Gibson said. “Then we decided to start our own organization and gave kids the opportunity to play with us.”

DGib Hoops took off in 2005 and has continued to grow. Presently he has nine teams ranging from third to tenth graders.

Shooting for success is the mission statement for DGib Hoops.

Gibson said that their motto is simply to help kids, whether it is on or off the court.

“Continuing to grow and give unfortunate kids the chance to play is what we are out here to do,” he said. “We don’t run a lot of set plays, but we are definitely exciting to watch. We have also installed plenty of shooting workouts.”

Implementing an up-tempo basketball system for DGib Hoops comes from his former head coach Guy V. Lewis at the University of Houston.

Playing for a two-time SWC regular season champion and four-time SWC tournament champion, Byron Gibson was fortunate to learn from the former Coach of the Year winner.

“His aggressive up and down tempo is where I got it from,” Gibson said. “It is just fun-to-watch basketball.

“We also don’t recruit players but anybody is welcomed and we are committed to train them.”

DGib Hoops is partnered with Houston Hoops basketball.

Guard Markus Vallien played with DGib Hoops at first and has been promoted, of sorts, onto the Hoops 16U team.

“He always had the skills to do what he wants,” Gibson said. “He developed a jump shot and I think he is one of the better guards in 2017. He can improve on defense and take on a leadership attitude.”

Vallien is a starter at Houston Lamar. Rice, Baylor, and Lamar University are notable schools looking at him.

He isn’t alone in showcasing his talent, however.

Gibson thinks he has a few others players that can move to the next level.

“Travon Gibson-Shelvin from Channelview and Kealen Coats from Strake Jesuit are also some special kids with good talent,” he said.

Building the program like a family – where the bond is what matters most – does not highlight many individuals.

Playing team basketball is the ground roots for success.

“We plan to be here for a long time,” Gibson said. “The more and more kids come through and go to college is the plan.

“Promote in a positive way. Hopefully we can get some more sponsorship and academic gifts as we want.”

Success should always be mentioned and DGib Hoops has earned everything it has achieved.

The DGib Nation team took 2nd place in the Gold Division of the Big Cup Houston tournament on Mother’s Day.

It was a performance that fit the mentality of the program.

“Being a team based off of family first and playing well on Mother’s Day weekend meant a lot to our program,” Gibson said.

The Houston Hoops 16U Showcase Team won the 16U Championship at the OFF DA HOOK Classic held in Houston in March earlier this year. They also played up into the 17U division at the Kingwood tournament in April and won one of the Platinum brackets.

The 6th grade team has finished first in at least five tournaments according to Gibson. The success has helped DGib Hoops push the idea that training more than playing aids in improvement.

“We always teach and develop,” B. Gibson said. “My strengths are the younger kids. The different ages requires different types of training. If you come as third graders, you have to develop doing the basics of the game. There aren’t too many other opportunities to play basketball than school and it’s an immediate outlet but we develop fundamentals instead of winning.

“But we do it the right way and we want everyone to see success.”


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