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The Future is Bright for Tri City CRU

By: Canaan Cadwell
08/05/2015 8:21 AM -


From the Austin area, Damone Williams likes what Tri-City stands for and everything that the organization does for the community. 

Tri-City started four years ago to provide affordable, unparalleled, high quality athletic, social and cognitive development programs to Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock communities.

Tri-City finished second at PrimeTime’s National Basketball Championship, with their only loss coming in the final to Louisiana Leadership. 

“Sacrifice makes this team special,” Williams said. “Out of nine players, I have eight who can start for any other team. They are happy for the other guys when they are out on the floor. The sacrifice helped them out tremendously.”

Tri-City focuses through strategic social programming methods proven to promote physical and cognitive development. 

“Our organization will train and develop the minds and bodies of your children through team sports, academic and fine arts programs,” Williams said. 

Overall, the goal for Tri-City is to get college tuition payed for these kids. 

“This was our first year out there on the main circuit and we want to get more exposure,” Williams said. “We are hoping our showing at PrimeTime shows that we are one of the top teams in Texas and rising tenth graders.”

Tri-City has a great team overall effort and likes to exploit mismatches at any time.

“Each game we have a different player rolling,” Williams said.

“Daymond Williams can play anywhere from the one to the three,” Williams said. “He also has incredible ball handling skills. He shoots the three balls and has great athleticism.”

The young “sky-walker” that brings the force every time is Luke Hamilton.  

“He is one the guys who is our best guys,” Williams said. “He is 6-foot-5 but can play the 2-4 positions and can grow to be 6-10 according the doctors. He plays at his own pace and takes his time going to the hole and is a great finisher.”

Brandon Williams, who is the coach’s son, is the starting point guard that establishes the pace and the game for Tri-City. 

“He finds the shooters and definitely understands who has the hot hand,” Williams said. “He continues to runs plays when needed.” 

Having sharp shooters that can light it up from pro three-point range is always a good asset to a winning team.

“Carter McMahan is one of our deadly shooters,” Williams said. “He also handles the ball but has pro three point range and had one game at the nationals where he made seven threes in the first game in the first half. He finished with eight threes during that game.” 

Blake Adene is 6-foot-1 with athleticism and was a starter for the team last year but coming into the season coach asked him to come off the bench.

 “He was willing to make that sacrifice to make the team be the best they could be,” Williams said. “He has pro three shooting range off of the bench. We call him iron man and when puts on his suit, he goes to work with the heart of a lion.”

Defensively, they focus strictly on man-to-man and help principles.

“We make sure our rotations are right and proper,” Williams said. “This prepares them for college ball.”

The short term goal for Tri-City is to get on one of the circuits next year and the long term goal is to continue team/player development. 

Grassroots basketball is the perfect way of seeing competition taking place. 

“College scholarships for the kids are nothing but good,” Williams said. 

“Belief is the reason that we overcome adversity,” Williams said. “Everyone knows there job whether that is hitting the big three when needed or grabbing that rebound or defending.” 

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