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04/28/2015 4:13 PM -

Fourteen thousand four-hundred and seventy-five kilometers.  (8,994 miles for us not using the metric system).

That is the distance between Melbourne, Australia and Dallas, Tx. 

For some, traveling that distance is a vacation. For Sedale Threatt and his 17-U Australian Basketball Development (AUBD) squad, it's another opportunity to grow as players and young men. 

Threatt, 15-year NBA Vet, has been coaching in Australia for a few years, and always makes it a point to bring a his teams over to the U.S. to gain experience. 

"The speed of the game, that's the biggest difference," Threatt said. "Our players can really shoot and are highly educated, but they don't get exposed to the athleticism offered in the U.S." 

The AUBD strives to provide "superior basketball-specific development programs and systems for the student-athlets of Australia."  One way they attempt to achieve that goal is to send their older teams to the U.S. to play in AAU and select basketball tournaments. 

Many of players, who are all from Australia, are in America for the first time. 

But it doesn't seem to phase them. Some players are even offered scholarships to U.S. colleges after being seen play in tournaments here. 

One of those tournaments will be PrimeTime's EYB Classic this upcoming weekend.  

Threatt and his squad will look to employ their "American-style, fast-paced" game on the court and show that the Aussies can play some ball. 

Mainly, though, this is great opportunity for his players to grow. 

"We want to shape our kids lives through basketball and education," Threatt said. "For us, that is what it's all about." 

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